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Solder Flux is a liquid that is defined as a chemical used in the metal joining process (such as soldering, brazing, or welding) that is meant to prevent oxidation.  For example, two common alloy used in soldering are Tin and Lead.  Tin and Lead are commonly referred by their two letter abbreviations on the Periodic Table of Elements; Tin being SN and Lead being PB.  (They are also seen as Sn and Pb).  This Tin and Lead combination attaches or "solders" to copper excellently, but poorly to the oxides of copper, which are created during the high temperature needed during soldering.

Solder Flux saves the day by acting as a cleaning agent to remove the oxidation.

Kester Solder manufacturers solder flux in various forms, such as:  flux pens (contains 10ml), one gallon containers, five gallon containers, 53 gallon drums, and flux inside of solder wire.

There five primary types of solder flux, based on their residue:

        No-Clean* | Kester 985M | Kester 959T | Kester 979VT

        Acid | Kester 2331-ZX

        Rosin** | RMA Kester 186 | RMA Kester 2235

        Water-Soluble*** | Kester 2331-ZX

        Solid | Kester 952-S

* Does not require cleaning after soldering

** Contain RA: Rosin Activated or RMA: Rosin Mildly Activated: Also do not require cleaning after soldering

*** Can be cleaned with water

Solder Flux Thinner is used to reduce the solids in the flux or to replace the evaporated solvent.  As of January 2016, Kester offers 11 different types of Flux Thinner:

        100, 4125, 2164, 104, 108, 108S, 109, 110, 120, 4169, 4662

KES 63-0000-0197 Kester 63-0000-0197 - 197 Soldering Flux 1 Gallon $85.25
KES 63-0000-1544 Kester 63-0000-1544 - 1544 Activated Rosin RA Flux 1 GAL Container $60.09
KES 63-0034-0922 Kester 63-0034-0922 - 922-CX No-Clean Alcohol Soldering Flux, 1 Gallon $81.70
KES 63-0020-0959 Kester 63-0020-0959 - 959T No-Clean Alcohol Based Flux- 1 gallon $41.92
KES 63-0000-0135 Kester 63-0000-0135 - 135 Rosin Flux- One Gallon $126.09
KES 63-0000-2120 Kester 63-0000-2120 - 2120 Organic Water Soluble Flux Halide-Free 1 GAL Container $58.59
KES 63-0000-0186 Kester 63-0000-0186 - 186 Rosin Mildly Active RMA Flux 1 GAL Container $56.09
KES 63-0000-0104 Kester 63-0000-0104 - 104 RA Activated Rosin Flux Thinner- 1 Gallon $66.34
KES 63-0000-0951 Kester 63-0000-0951 - 951 No-Clean Alcohol Based Flux 1 GAL Container $42.75
KES 63-0005-0950 Kester 63-0005-0950- 950-E Low Solids No-Clean Soldering Flux, 1 Gallon $120.70
Kester Liquid Soldering Flux

Lead-free wave and selective soldering processes require exposing the solder flux to a higher soldering temperature. Lead-free alloys traditionally wet metal surfaces much slower than traditional tin and lead alloy soldering. Kester Solder liquid fluxes for lead-free assembly have new activator packages to enable rapid wetting and hole-filling, ensuring reliable product output.

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