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Soldering Irons

When it comes to soldering there are three types of tools: irons, guns and torches. Soldering irons are the most basic of the three and work well for smaller soldering projects on electronics or for making repairs. Soldering irons have a heated metal tip where the melted solder is dispensed and an insulated handle used to grip the device. Another added feature on some soldering irons is a temperature control, which allows you to choose the heat settings.

Types of Soldering Irons Available on Janel Online

There are plenty of soldering iron options at Janel Online. If you need help deciding which soldering iron will work best for you, check out the information below on the different types of irons we have available.

Butane Irons

Most often soldering irons are powered by electricity, however you can opt for a butane iron. This type of soldering iron is powered by butane gas in a self-contained tank. Butane irons are the best option if you need a tool that’s portable or if you’ll be working where electricity is not readily available.

Tools to try:

Soldering Pencil

A soldering pencil is very similar to a soldering iron, however they tend to be slimmer, have a finer tip and shorter tip to grip ratio. They are used when very precise work needs to be done.

Tools to try:

Wood Burning Irons

Wood burning irons are used to burn designs into wood, which is also known as pyrography. These same irons can also be used in jewelry making and other hobbies.

Tools to try:

What’s Included in Soldering Iron Kits

If you’re looking for a more complete package try a soldering iron kit. Soldering iron kits are great for those who haven’t soldered before or anyone wanting to replace their current soldering setup.

Soldering iron kits include:

  • Soldering Iron
  • Multiple Tips
  • Iron Stand

Tools to Try:

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JBC Soldering Tools 0300400 B-15D Tip for SL2020 - 2.2 mm
MSRP: $12.00
Price: $10.64
You Save: $1.36!

JBC 0300400 is a B-15D soldering tip for the SL2020 temperature controlled soldering iron. It is 2.2 mm straight, conical.
The Weller WSB25HK is an eight piece short barrel hobby iron kit, 25 watt. The Weller WSB25WB is a fifteen piece short barrel woodburning kit, 25 watt. The Weller WP70S is a soldering tip ejector for the WSTA3 Pyropen soldering tools.
The Weller WP71T is a torch ejector for the WSTA3 Pyropen soldering tool. The Weller WPS18MP is a pro-series high performance soldering iron. The Weller WP25BK is a professional soldering iron with a 3-wire cord, 25 watts, 120V, 750 degrees F. 10 per pack. The Weller WP25 is a professional soldering iron with a 3-wire cord, 25 watts, 120V, 750 degrees F.
The Weller WM120 is a pencil thin soldering iron, 12 watts, 120V. The Weller WP30 is a professional soldering iron with a 3-wire cord, 30 watts, 120V, 800 degrees F. The Weller WP25D is a Professional Soldering Iron that is 25 Watts, or 220v. The Weller WP35 is a professional soldering iron with a 3-wire cord, 35W, 120V, 850 degrees F.
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