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JBC Tools Modular Line - Build Your Own

The JBC Modular Line features 4 control units, 6 stands, 8 tools and over 300 tips and cartridges that can be combined for a fully customized set-up.  If you need assistance creating a custom station that will meet the needs of your production processes contact one of our customer service representatives at 1-800-782-4487 for expect advice!

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JBC Tools S7751 Soldering Sponge JBC Tools S6169 Soldering Iron Sponge
JBC Soldering Tools S6169 - Cleaning Sponge - 58 x 58 mm
MSRP: $2.30
Price: $2.04
You Save: $0.26!
JBC Tools S7751 is a 46 mm x 37 mm soldering station cleaning sponge. JBC Tools S6169 is a Soldering Iron Cleaning Sponge it is a 58 mm square.
JBC Tools CL6205 Inox Wool Soldering Cleaner JBC Tools CL6210 Brass Cleaning Wool JBC Tools CL0235 Tip Cleaning System JBC CL6217 Metal Brush Soldering Accessory
JBC Soldering Tools CL6205 - Tip Cleaning System - Inox Wool
MSRP: $4.70
Price: $4.17
You Save: $0.53!
JBC Soldering Tools CL0236 - Tip Cleaning System - Tip Wiper
MSRP: $11.00
Price: $9.75
You Save: $1.25!
JBC Tools CL6205 Inox Wool is the replacement wool for the JBC CL6760 Dry Cleaning System. The JBC CL6760 Dry Cleaning System with Metal Wool is indespensable for lead-free soldering. It removes oxidation and facilitates tinning. JBC Tools CL6210 is a very effective cleaning method of solder on the tip preventing oxidation between cleaning and rewetting. JBC Tools CL0236 is part of the cleaning system. With the implementation of lead-free soldering it has become necessary to use methods to clean tips other than with a simple wet sponge. JBC Tools CL6217 is a metal brush, tip cleaning accessory.
JBC Tools CL8973 Soldering Brush for NAST Nano Soldering Station JBC Tools CL6220 Soldering Brush JBC Tools CL6780 Sand Cleaning Accessory JBC Tools Tip Cleaning System
The JBC Tools CL8973 is a replacement brush for NAST-Nano Stations. JBC Tools CL6220 is used for more in-depth cleaning of the tips, tweezers, and desoldering irons. JBC Tools CL6780 Dry Cleaning System with Sand reconditions even the most oxidised tips and makes them wettable again. This method is advisable when all else fails. JBC Tools CL9885 Tip Cleaning Stand is designed to be able to be used right next to the point of work.
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