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Janel Inc. is proud to carry a complete collection Kester Solder products online for your convenience. With more than a century of manufacturing experience, Kester is a global leader in high performance soldering materials and services for the electronic and micro-component assembly markets. Kester is known for their commitment to high quality and advanced technology and have an ISO-9001 certification that ensures their dedication to quality and environmental responsibility. At Janel Online, we know that premium quality and reliability matters in the product assembly industry, and that’s why we offer only the best brands around... brands like Kester Solder.

Here you’ll find competitive pricing on Kester lead free solder solutions, solder plates, bar solder, liquid fluxes, solid and flux cored wires, tacky soldering fluxes (TSF), solder-forms and SE-CURE advanced materials.

From soldering equipment and stations to the little materials, we’ve got it all. If you need some solder wire, solder wick or are searching for the lead free solder solutions from Kester, Janel is the right place to look. If you have any questions about which Kester soldering flux or wire is right for you, or have any questions related to lead free regulations, give us a call at 1-800-782-4487 and we’d be happy to advise. 

KES 64-0056-2220 Kester 64-0056-2220 - 2220-VF Water Soluble VOC Free Flux- 5 gallons $82.64
KES 24-7080-0061 Kester 24-7080-0061 - SN95SB05 66 Core 44 Flux Solder Wire .062 Dia $82.96
KES 15-7340-0062 Kester 15-7340-0062 - SN96.3AG3.7 Lead Free Solid Solder Wire 4 lb .062 Dia $45.64
KES 24-6337-0001 Kester 24-6337-0001 - SN63PB37 66 Core 44 Flux Wire Solder .010 Dia $93.78
KES 24-7050-8808 Kester 24-7050-8808 - SN96.3AG3.7 66 Core 245 Flux Solder Wire .020 Dia $79.98
KES 24-6337-0657 Kester 24-6337-0657 - SN63PB37 66 Core OR-421 Flux Solder Wire .031 Dia $31.85
KES 7021020510 Kester 7021020510 - Solder Paste R562 500 Gram Jar $67.41
KES 24-9574-6403 Kester 24-9574-6403 - K100LD 66 Core 331 Flux Solder Wire .031 Dia $27.79
KES 63-0346-0920 Kester 63-0346-0920 - 920-CXF No-Clean Soldering Flux- 1 Gallon $62.75
KES 24-6337-0069 Kester 24-6337-0069 - SN63PB37 66 Core 44 Flux Solder Wire .125 Dia $28.43

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