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Kester Solder
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Kester Bar Solder Selection

Ultrapure Bar Solder | Lead-bearing and Lead-free Solder Alloys

The highest purity solder is all you can really use for soldering applications requiring optimal reliability of solder joints, especially for surface-mounted components. Don’t take Kester’s word about their solder purity, though. An in-depth analysis of Kester’s Ultrapure Bar Solders demonstrates that every solder batch meets the strictest quality control criteria in the solder industry.

Ultrapure K100LD Bar Solder | Lead-free Bar Solder Alloy

As a response to low cost/low copper dissolution alloy, the team at Kester created the Ultrapure K100LD. This K100 LD Solder contains controlled metallic dopants to stabilize the solder joint’s grain structure. It also reduces the dissolution of copper into the solder pot. This bar solder also makes the common defects such as icicling and bridging a thing of the past. Finally, the optimized grain structure leads to shinier solder joints than standard lead-free alloy substances.

SAC305 | Sn96.5Ag3.0Cu0.5 | Extruded Low Dross Bar Solder

Lead-free wave soldering processes are known to produce a larger amount of dross than standard leaded processes. As a result, Kester manufactures all of their lead-free bar solder products with anti-drossing technology to improve process control and to allow the user to get the most value for the money with minimal maintenance costs. Kester Ultrapure SAC305 Bar Solder was designed to minimize the amount of dross generated in wave soldering,selective soldering or dip soldering processes. Kester Ultrapure SAC305 yields less dross, bright solder joints, and a reduction in defects in wave, selective and dip soldering processes.

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Kester Leaded Solder Chips Kester Ultrapure Bar Solder
Kester 83-1046-0952 is a 952-D6 No-Clean flux pen. This flux pen was designed specifically for lead-bearing and lead-free alloys.  This no-clean, non-corrosive, halide free flux pen is for rework of conventional and surface mount circuit board assemblies. Kester 04-7150-2000 is a 25 lb box of e-bar solder chips. These chips are comprised of 62 percent lead, 36 percent lead, and 2 percent silver. Kester 04-6040-0050 BAR, SN60PB40 is Ultrapure Leaded Bar Solder.  60 percent Tin and 50 percent Lead. Sold per bar.
Kester Ultrapure Solder Bar Kester K100LD Bar Solder Kester Tin Bar Solder Kester SAC305 Lead Free Bar Solder
Kester 04-6337-0050 BAR SN63PB37 is Solid Ultrapure Bar Solder. This solder is comprised of SN63 Tin and PB37 Lead. Additionally, this item is sold by the bar.
Kester 04-9574-0050-BAR is K100LD is ROHS Lead-Free Bar Solder. This item is sold per 1 2/3 lb bar and has no minimum purchase quantity. Additionally, this bar solder is RoHS Complaint.
Kester 04-7000-0000-BAR is SN100 Lead Free, Pure Tin Solid Bar Solder.  This item is sold per bar, there is no minimum quantity of purchase.  Additionally, this bar solder is RoHS Complaint. Kester 04-7068-0000 BAR is SAC305 Lead-Free Bar Solder. There is no purchase minimums for this product number, bars sold individually. Additionally, this bar solder is RoHS Complaint.
Kester Leaded Bar Solder Kester Ultrapure Flo-Bar Solder Kester Ultra Low Dross Flo-Bar Kester Ultra Low Dross Flo-Bar
Kester 04-7150-0000-BAR is Bar solder made of 62 percent tin, 36 percent lead, and 2 percent silver. Please note this item is sold individually per bar. Bar is 1 2/3 lbs.
Kester 07-6337-0050 is Leaded, Ultrapure Flo-Bar. This bar is comprised of SN63PB37 or 63 percent tin and 37 percent lead. Please note this item is sold per 10 lb bar. Kester 07-6337-0030 is Ultra Low Dross Flo-Bar. This item is sold in a 10 lb bar. The 07-6337-0030 is comprised of 63 percent tin and 37 percent lead. Kester 07-6337-1930 is Leaded, ultrapure flo-bar solder. This bar solder is comprised of SN63PB37 or 63 percent tin and 37 percent lead. Additionally, it is sold per 10 lb bar.
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