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JBC Tools Soldering and Desoldering Rework Tools and Equipment is proud to stock a massive selection of JBC Rework stations, tools, equipment and accessories for SMT repair and cleaning for our loyal customers. For years, JBC tools has been a leading manufacturer of soldering and desoldering tools and equipment. We’re happy to offer all of these items backed by’s excellent customer service and support.

Customers can easily browse through over 100 different products in this section including JBC soldering/desoldering station kits, precision hot air station kits, pre-heaters, digital control units, soldering/desoldering irons, hot tweezers and much more. Finding what you’re looking for couldn’t be easier; simply sort by price, availability, popularity, or length of time in the market.

If you need assistance in deciding which JBC rework stations, tools and accessories are right for you please contact one of our customer service representatives at 1-800-782-4487. We are always happy to help.

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JBC Tools S7751 Soldering Sponge JBC Tools S6169 Soldering Iron Sponge
JBC Soldering Tools S6169 - Cleaning Sponge - 58 x 58 mm
MSRP: $2.30
Price: $2.04
You Save: $0.26!
JBC Tools S7751 is a 46 mm x 37 mm soldering station cleaning sponge. JBC Tools S6169 is a Soldering Iron Cleaning Sponge it is a 58 mm square.
JBC S0354 Soldering Sponge JBC Tools CL6205 Inox Wool Soldering Cleaner JBC Tools CL6210 Brass Cleaning Wool JBC Tools CL0235 Tip Cleaning System
JBC Soldering Tools CL6205 - Tip Cleaning System - Inox Wool
MSRP: $4.70
Price: $4.17
You Save: $0.53!
JBC Soldering Tools CL0236 - Tip Cleaning System - Tip Wiper
MSRP: $11.00
Price: $9.75
You Save: $1.25!
JBC Tools S0354 is a Sponge replacement for the CL9885 tip cleaning stand. JBC Tools CL6205 Inox Wool is the replacement wool for the JBC CL6760 Dry Cleaning System. The JBC CL6760 Dry Cleaning System with Metal Wool is indespensable for lead-free soldering. It removes oxidation and facilitates tinning. JBC Tools CL6210 is a very effective cleaning method of solder on the tip preventing oxidation between cleaning and rewetting. JBC Tools CL0236 is part of the cleaning system. With the implementation of lead-free soldering it has become necessary to use methods to clean tips other than with a simple wet sponge.
JBC Tools TT-A Soldering Tip Tinner and Cleaner JBC Tools P4090 Thermal Protector JBC Tools P4085 Thermal Protector JBC Tools P4080 Thermal Protector
JBC Soldering Tools TT-A - Tip Tinner - Cleaner
MSRP: $15.50
Price: $13.74
You Save: $1.76!
JBC Soldering Tools P4090 - Thermal Protector - 11 x 16 mm
MSRP: $16.80
Price: $14.89
You Save: $1.91!
JBC Soldering Tools P4085 - Thermal Protector - 31.5 x 31.5 mm
MSRP: $16.80
Price: $14.89
You Save: $1.91!
JBC Soldering Tools P4080 - Thermal Protector - 9.5 x 21 mm
MSRP: $16.80
Price: $14.89
You Save: $1.91!
JBC Tools TT-A is used for soldering tips to re-tin and clean simultaneously. JBC Tools P4090 is a 11 mm x 16 mm thermal protector. JBC Tools P4085 is a 31.5 mm x 31.5 mm thermal protector. JBC Tools P4080 is a 9.5 mm x 21 mm thermal protector.
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