Shipping in the USA: All shipments are F.O.B. Bound Brook, NJ 08805 for most items. Some bulk items will be drop shipped F.O.B./Factory at our discretion. Unless instructed otherwise, we ship the most economical way. If requested, we can ship Collect or C.O.D. freight charges via UPS or FedEx Ground on your account. Packages under 150 lbs can ship UPS or FedEx.  There are various modes of transport for UPS & FedEx.  We can ship via any mode of UPS or FedEx in the domestic USA provided the package is not hazardous.  Packages or pallets can ship virtually any trucking company that you specify or we can ship bestway and charge you accordingly.

If you would like us to ship to an alternate address, please contact your card issuer and request to add it as an alternate shipping address.

Per our sales policy, both billing and shipping addresses must be on record with your card issuer before we can process an order. This is our fraud prevention measure. The reason why we do this is because anyone that has your information (such as billing address and credit card no.) can have the parts ship to anywhere in the U.S. But only the cardholder can add an alternative address with the card issuer. 

Once you have added the alternate shipping address, please give us a call or send us an email so we can verify with your card issuer.

If adding an alternate shipping address is inconvenient, we can always ship to your verified billing address (providing that it is not a P.O. Box, APO, or FPO addresses). After 3 days, your order will be canceled if we have not received any reply from you.

COD Shipping in the USA
UPS and FedEx charge an additional "per box" COD fee of $10.00 
and can change at any time since this fee is set by UPS / FedEx.  This is added to your order unless shipped UPS Collect or FedEx Collect to your account.

Hazardous Products - Shipping
A product is considered hazardous by its MSDS / SDS information and if regulated by the US Department of Transportation or by any other government regulatory agency.  The regulations in the USA are set by the 49CFR (Title 49 of the Code of Federal Regulations) (see the e-CFR on  For all international hazardous shipments and some domestic air hazardous shipments, the regulations are further regulated by ICAO / IATA (The International Air Transportation Association) (see

All hazardous products incur an additional "per box" HAZMAT shipping charge on all prepaid shipments; as of January 1, 2012, ground shipping is $31.00 per box in addition to all handling, shipping, and/or insurance fees for USA domestic bound packages.  This fee is subject to change at any time by the carriers.  Presently, we ship HAZMAT products via UPS Ground or FedEx Ground.

We can only ship Overnight HAZMAT products via FedEx Priority 1 at a prepaid HAZMAT fee of $80.00 per box for accessible dangerous goods USA domestic bound packages in addition to all other shipping fees and $110.00 per box International but can vary depending on the rates charged by FedEx.  We will advise at the time of order shipment.  This AIR HAZMAT fee can vary depending on FedEx.  International AIR shipments require additional paperwork and clearance by the carrier and we presently only ship international AIR packages via FedEx. We strongly recommend “case quantities” to minimize additional charges. Presently, Kester Solder's hazardous chemical in 1 gallon containers ship four to a box for one HAZMAT fee. 5 gallon containers are individual. For larger quantities, palletized shipments are strongly recommended.

Of course we can ship collect on your UPS or FedEx account and the carrier will bill you directly for any and all hazardous fees.

Short Shipments
While we do our best to ensure that you receive every order accurately, please inspect all shipments immediately upon arrival. All claims for short shipments must be made within 5 days of delivery.

Damaged Shipments
If a shipment is damaged by the carrier, please contact our customer service by either:  
email: or phone: 1-732-271-4700.  We will handle all necessary claims.

All claims for damaged shipments must be made within 5 days of delivery.  No exceptions!