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Desco ESD Ionizers, Static Blowers & ESD Fans

While mats, wrist straps, heel straps, and other means of direct grounding are important parts of an ESD control program, they are not necessarily all that is needed. Isolated conductors, insulating materials, common plastics, and moving personnel which cannot be grounded must be neutralized by other means. This is where ionizers come in. While ionization is no replacement for grounding practices, it is an important component of a complete static control program as an augmentation or as a backup to other static control methods. ESD ionizers are often used in clean rooms because they are one of the few means available to control static in such environments.

As a focused distributor of Desco ESD products, Janel Online carries everything you need to prevent and control ESD at exclusively low prices. All products are guaranteed to be in stock because we have direct access to Desco’s warehouse. Our selection of Desco ESD ionizers, static blowers, and ESD fans are sure to keep your work area clear and free of problem causing electrostatic discharge, giving you the unfettered ability to create, repair, and rework sensitive electronic devices by neutralizing ESD via ionization.

Our ESD Product Selection Includes:

  • ESD filter replacements
  • Emitter replacements and emitter points
  • ESD fans with adjustable arms
  • Motion-activated ESD ionizer controllers
  • Alarm threshold programmers for ionizers
  • Ionizer workstations (without fans)
  • ESD ionizer fans and static blowers
  • Ionizer branch tops
  • Overhead Ionizers
  • ESD controller hand guns
  • Benchtop ionizers

To view our selection of Desco ESD ionizers, static blowers, and accessories, please scroll down the page.

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Desco 60455 - Filter Replacement, Jr Metal Ionizer
MSRP: $7.23
Price: $5.42
You Save: $1.81!
Desco 60437 - Emitter Replacement - HO Series
MSRP: $10.56
Price: $7.92
You Save: $2.64!
Desco 60507 - Emitter Points, Overhead Ionizers
MSRP: $36.31
Price: $31.35
You Save: $4.96!
Desco 60499 - Emitter Pin, CE Ionizer, 20/pk
MSRP: $48.94
Price: $36.63
You Save: $12.31!
Desco 60455 is a filter, replacement, metal, ionizer, jr. Desco 60437 is a emitter replacement, ho series. Desco 60507 is a emitter points for overhead & benchtop ZVI ionizers 8/pack. Desco 60499 is a arm adjustable universal.
Desco 60355 - Filter Ion Python - Pack of 2
MSRP: $81.59
Price: $61.07
You Save: $20.52!
Desco 60506 - Emitter Point Top Cleaner
MSRP: $74.17
Price: $64.04
You Save: $10.13!
Desco 60480 - Emitter Cassett Replacement
MSRP: $103.53
Price: $77.51
You Save: $26.02!
Desco 19592 - Foot Switch Chargebuster Ion Gun
MSRP: $123.24
Price: $96.96
You Save: $26.28!
Desco 60355 is a filter, ion, python, repl, pack of two. Desco 60506 is a emitter point top cleaner pack of 20. Desco 60480 is a emitter cassette, replacement. Desco 19592 is a foot switch chargebuster ion gun.
Desco 19591 - Filter Replacement for Ion Gun - Pack of 3
MSRP: $185.79
Price: $139.06
You Save: $46.73!
Desco 60509 - Ionizer Motion Sensor
MSRP: $199.65
Price: $149.44
You Save: $50.21!
Desco 60466 - Adjustable Universal Arm, Jr Ionizer
MSRP: $290.83
Price: $251.19
You Save: $39.64!
Desco 60351 - Nozzle Gun Attachment ESD Safe
MSRP: $416.39
Price: $311.67
You Save: $104.72!
Desco 19591 is a filter, replacement, in-line, ion gun, pack of three. Desco 60509 is a Motion Ionizer Sensor. This item is compatible with the following 120VAC Desco Ionizers. Desco 60466 is a arm, adjustable, universal. Desco 60351 is a nozzle/gun attachment and is ESD safe. This item functions the same as the Desco 60335.
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