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  Desco 60600 - Overhead Ionizer

Desco Industries
Authorized ESD Specialist & Distributor
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Part #: DESCO-60600

Product Description Technical Specifications
Desco 60600 is a Ionizer, overhead 40 inches with a light and heater. 
The Desco 40 inch High Output Overhead Ionizer is designed to neutralize electrostatic charges over a large work area. The unique active feedback and balance circuit automatically ensures and maintains the unit’s ion offset voltage balance, despite variations in line voltage, air speed or emitter electrode condition. The ionizer’s feedback circuit also gives an audible and visual alarm indication when maintenance is required. The overhead mounting design of this ionizer allows it to provide maximum coverage without consuming valuable work bench space. The need for maintenance is minimized, while maximum neutralization efficiency and overall performance is attained.

This overhead ionizer is unique - it comes equipped with two factory installed lights and three heaters. The lights are on continuously whenever the ionizer is turned on and allow for better vision at the workstation. The heaters are activated by a switch on the face of the ionizer. The heaters will raise the temperature of the output air to about 10 degrees above ambient. The heaters are only to offset the chill factor of the moving air. They are not intended to warm the workstation.

Ionizers are useful in preventing electrostatic charge generation, ElectroStatic Discharge, ElectroStatic Attraction, as well as preventing equipment latch-up and safety related shock. Per ANSI/ESDS20.20-2007 section 8.3 In order to mitigate field-induced CDM [Charged Device Model] damage, the ESD program shall include a plan for the handling of process-required insulators. If the field exceeds 2,000 volts/inch, steps shall be taken to either: A) Separate the insulator from the ESD-sensitive device by a distance of 30 cm (12 inches); or B) Use ionization or other charge mitigating techniques to neutralize the charge. Ionization is used to neutralize charges on process necessary insulators and isolated semiconductors. Some examples of process necessary insulators are: the PC board itself, plastic test stands, plastic housing where a PCB may be mounted, as well as computer monitor screens and regular cleaning wipes. Examples of floating or isolated conductors are: loaded PCB mounted in a stand where the pins are not contacting the dissipative workstation. Ionization is not effective on items that have large capacitance, like people and carts; however, ionizers should be considered as a method for charge neutralization in cases where grounding cannot be achieved.

Ionizers should be considered as a method for charge neutralization in cases where grounding cannot be achieved. …Air ionization can neutralize the static charge on insulated and isolated objects by producing separate charges in the molecules of the gases of the surrounding air. When a static charge is present on objects in the work environment, it will be neutralized by attracting opposite polarity charges from the ionized air. (EN 61340-5-2 paragraph 5.2.9)

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Overhead Mounting with Steady State DC Ionization 
Desco 60600 Allows unit to be mounted above operator’s workstation for coverage of a 2 x 4 foot area, without interfering with the workstation
Includes Light with Access Panel
Adds additional light to operator work area for improved visibility.  Access panel allows for lights to be changed quickly with little down time.
Factory Installed Fixed Temperature Heater
Removes chill from air for operator comfort and productivity
Auto-Feedback System
Automatically maintains offset voltage balance, alarms when maintenance is required
3 Position Fan Speed: Low, Medium, High
Ionization performance is consistent at all speeds and allows for use with sensitive applications, such as calibration, test, or repair procedures 
Made in America

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