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  Desco 09078 ESD Wrist Strap Hook and Loop, 6 ft

Desco 09078 ESD Anti Static Wrist Strap with Hook and Loop

Desco Industries
Authorized ESD Specialist & Distributor
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Part #: DESCO-09078

Product Description
Desco 09078 is an esd antistatic Wrist Strap that has a Hook & Loop.  This static control wrist band features a 6 Ft coil cord and a 4 mm snap.  The material of the band is non reactive and anti-bacterial.  It has a one megohm series resistor.

Detailed Product Description for Hook & Loop Adjustable Wrist Band:
A. Cap - ABS plastic
B. 300 Series stainless steel black plate is .021" thick. Provides 1.0 sq. in of skin contact surface
C. 4mm snap stud machined from 300 series stainless steel. Fits to 4mm spring loaded medical type socket. Coil cord disengages from snap with 1-5 lbs or perpendicular force. Durable, providing long life well beyond that of sheet metal scraps
D. Nylon, hook fastener is royal blue, 25mm (1.0" wide). 25mm (1.0") nylon royal blue loop fastener material. Functional band circumference 6.50" min and 10.75" max. assumes all but .50" of hook material is trimmed off to avoid overlapping. No exposed conductive surfaces when worn.
E. Return loop for quick and easy adjustment
F. Sewin in non-reactive, anti-microbial, anti-bacterial medical grade conductive strip common with stainless plate adds 4 sq in of skin surface area contact
G. Desco, Item # and Made in USA are molded into cap

Detailed Product Description for Relaxed Retraction Coil Cord:
A. Patented barrel type banana plug with machined contour spring support. Crimped uniformity from 4 sides for maximum strength. Fits industry standard banana jack greater than or equal to .157". Will maintain greater than 1 pound disengagement force over the life of the cord.
B. Thermoplastic elastomer strain relief molded on. Bending Life Test average > 1,000,000 cyrcles per ANSI/ESD S20.20 (Tested per ESD S1.1). Break load average 30 pounds.
C. Relaxed retraction coil cord produces less tug force on wearer's wrist. Wire Insulation black color PVC. Break load average 30 pounds.
D. Single T-2940 tinsel conductor. Consisting of 7 strands of polyester wrapped with copper. High flex life. Equivalent to 29 gauge.
E. Autosplife brass crimp secures conductors to resistor lead and provides stress relief for resistor.
F. One megohm plus or minus 5% 1/4 watt, series resistor limits current for operator safety.
G. Spring loaded 4mm medical snap socket, Spring separation .125" - .165". Provides 1-5 pound breakaway from .160" snap stud (ESD S1.1). Compatible with most major brands
H. Desco logo molded in compliance with ANSI?ESD S1.1
I. Date coded with date of manufacture.

For wristband only without coil cord see: Desco 00960

Non reactive, anti-microbial, anti-bacterial medical grade conductive strip
Reduces growth of mold, mildew, and fungus; the best choice for users with ultra sensitive skin 
Return loop, quick, easy adjustment mechanism
One size fits all; only one item number to purchase & stock 
Sewn inner conductive surface with no exposed conductive materials on exterior
Provides added safety eliminating chance of providing inappropriate ground path 
Molded plastic cover
Provides stable base for cord attachment 
Stainless steel back plate
Will not cause allergic reaction and ensures solid electrical contact with skin 
One Megohm Series Resistor 
To protect operator from accidental contact with equipment line voltage. 
UL listed
Independent review of the adequacy of the product's design. 
Made in the United States of America

What the ESD Association says about testing wrist straps:
Per ESD Handbook TR20.20 section Wrist Strap Checkers - "Wrist strap checkers have historically been the primary tool for testing the operation of the wrist strap system including, the wristband, grounding cord and most importantly, the electrical integrity of the contact between the wristband and the wearer. Wrist strap checkers measure the resistance of the entire system."

Note: All bands have a 4mm snap stud. Complete wrist strap kits include an alligator clip. Wrist strap kits include an alligator clip for occasions when a grounded banana jack is not available. However, best industry practice is that ESD Ground Connections should be firm fitting connecting devices such as metallic crimps, snaps, and banana plugs to be connected to designated ground points. Use of alligator clips is not recommended. (Ref: JEDEC Standard No. 625-A)

ANSI/ESD S20.20 Paragraph Personnel Grounding Requirement "All personnel shall be bonded or electrically connected to ground or contrived ground when handling ESD sensitive items. When personnel are seated at ESD protective workstations, they shall be connected to the common point via a wrist strap system"

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ESD Static Control > Desco Industries Brand > Wrist Straps and Coil Cords > Desco Single-Wire Straps & Coil Cords > Hook and Loop Wrist Straps
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