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  Techspray 1502-5G - Pine-Shower Degreaser & Surface Cleaner

Teschspray 1502-5G Pine-Shower Surface Cleaner

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Part #: TECHSPRAY-1502-5G

Product Description
The Techspray 1502-5G is a Pine-Shower Degreaser & Surface Cleaner.  It comes in a 5 Gallon Container (1 Unit/Case).  This item is part of Techspray's Pine-Shower family.
The 1502 maintenance cleaners clean oil and contaminants off of metal parts, printed circuit  boards, barcode instruments, switch boxes, gear boxes, and engines.  Techspray has produced Blue Shower maintenance cleaners for over 30  years, making Blue Shower a staple in maintenance departments all over the world!  Techspray offers a variety of solvents and waterbased cleaners that allow customers to match the right products with their cleaning needs.  Choosing a strong, high quality cleaner saves time and money.  Grease and oil flow right off, reducing the time and materials needed to scrub off stubborn soils.
  • Leveraging the cleaning power of pine, Pine-Shower quickly removes grease and other soils, and leaves a non-oily finish.
  • Does not contain butyl cellosolve, which is common in many degreasers and surface cleaners, and has potential negative health effects.  Under California guidelines (CARB), Pine-Shower has zero VOC, and has a less than 3 percent VOC under EPA guidelines.
  • Pine-Shower is economical and considered ready-to-use, but can be diluted for light surface and equipment cleaning.  Pine-Shower Cleaner is fully compliant with CARB (California Air Resource Board) requirements.
  • Also compliant with European REACH (Registration, Evaluation, Authorization & Restriction of Chemicals) and WEEE (Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment Firective) initiatives.  It does not contain RoHS (Restriction of Hazardous Substances) restricted substances, SVHC (Substances of Very High Concern) list substances, or halides.
Instructions: Spray and saturate the soiled area.  Let soak for 30-60 seconds depending on thickness of the grease.  Using a lint-free wipe (we recommend Techspray 2364-50 or 2365-300 wipes), wipe lightly at first to allow cleaning agent to break down residues.  Continue t wipe in a circular motion until the grease or oil is fully removed.  For thick greases, reapplication may be needed.  On walking surfaces, mop thoroughly after cleaning.  Material is easily rinsed by wiping with water dampened cloth.  Dispose of soiled wipe as appropriate depending on the type of material removed.
Chemical & Physical Properties:
Appearance: Green liquid
Odor: Clean ethereal odor
Flash Point: None to boiling point
VOC (EPA): 2 percent
VOC (CARB): 0 percent
Boiling Point: 100 Degres C (212 Degrees F)
Density: 1 at 25 Degrees C (77 Degrees F)
Metals Compatibility (Material Name/Rating):
Brass Foil / Excellent
Copper Foil / Excellent
Nickel 200 / Excellent
Aluminum 6061 / Excellent
Aluminum 2024 / Excellent
Anodized Aluminum / Excellent
Stainless Steel 316 / Excellent
Stainless Steel 304 / Excellent
Mild Carbon Steel / Excellent
Galvanized Steel / Excellent
Chemical Composition (Chemical Name / CAS NUMBER):
Aliphatic Ethoxylated Alcohols / 78330-20-8
Dimethyl-2-methyl glutarate / 14035-94-0
Ethoxyl-Propoxyl Terpene / 174955-61-4
Poly (oxy-1,2-ethanediyl), a-hydro-w-hydroxy-25322-68-3

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Clean greasy equipment & surfaces
Concentrated and dillutable
pH in neutral range- non corrosive
Safe on most plastics and painted surfaces
Low VOC, zero GWP
Non-ozone depleting

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Price: $66.54

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