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Techspray Service Products & Spray Adhesive

Techspray Service Products include a variety of items such as Adhesive Sprays, Rubber Roller Rejuvenator, Lubricant Cleaners, TV Coolants, and Tech Hold Adhesive Glues.

Techspray Spray Adhesives

We sell three types of Service Product Adhesives - Contact, Economy, and Heavy Duty Adhesives. Each type of adhesive was designed to suit your specific need. Contact Spray Adhesive is considered to be a multi-purpose adhesive spray that is ideal for various surfaces such as paper, cloth, felt, cardboard, foam, rubber, and most plastics and glass. Economy adhesive works well on similar surfaces to the Contact Spray - however, it is also non-wrinkling. While, Heavy Duty Adhesive is a high strength adhesive designed to work well on more serious surfaces such as bonding dry wall, brick, concrete, and block. It is the excellent choice for temporary and permanent bonds.

Tech Hold Cyanocrylate Adhesive

This item is also known as Techspray's super glue. It is a general purpose Cyanoacrylate Adhesive which is high in strength and has extremely fast bonding capabilities.

For more detailed information regarding Techspray Service Products such as Spray Adhesives, Glues, Lubricants, and TV Coolants shop the products below!

Techspray 1612-2SQ Rubber Rejuvenator Platen Cleaner
Techspray 2503-DP - Tech Hold Adhesive - 3g
MSRP: $3.30
Price: $2.63
You Save: $0.67!
Techspray 1612-2SQ - Rubber Roller Rejuvenator - 2 oz
MSRP: $8.83
Price: $7.06
You Save: $1.77!
Techspray 3505-11S - Economy General Adhesive Spray - 12 oz
MSRP: $8.73
Price: $7.76
You Save: $0.97!
Techspray 3500-11S - Heavy Duty Adhesive Spray - 11 oz
MSRP: $8.69
Price: $8.07
You Save: $0.62!
The Techspray 2503-DP is Tech Hold Cyanoacrylate Adhesive (super glue) for high strength and fast bonding. This general purpose, single component cyanoacrylate adhesive exhibits high strength, fast bonding, and high impact holding. Having a medium viscosity, Tech Hold flows into small openings (up to .004 inches). It comes in a 3 gram tube. The Techspray 1612-2SQ is a 2 oz plastic bottle of Roller Rejuvenator. This citrus-based solvent designed to clean and revitalize rubber rollers and platens. Improves rubber roller grip and reduces misfeeds and jams. The Techspray 3505-11S is a General Purpose Economy spray adhesive. This adhesive works extremely well on surfaces such as paper, cloth, cardboard, felt, foam, rubber, and most plastics and glass. High-solids content provides quick tack ability. Web spray pattern covers larger areas quickly. The Techspray 3500-11S is Heavy Duty, high strength, fast tacking spray adhesive. This low soak-in adhesive exhibits particular strength when bonding surfaces such as dry wall, brick, and concrete block. Heavy-Duty Adhesive will also work on surfaces such as paper, plastic, foam, wood, and other fabrics. it is excellent for both tempoerary and permanent bonds.
Techspray 3510-14S - Contact Adhesive
MSRP: $9.15
Price: $8.34
You Save: $0.81!
The Techspray 3510-14S is a Fast Tracking, water resistant Contact spray adhesive. This mult-purpose adhesive spray is ideal for bonding of polyethylene to various surfaces in preparation for asbestos abatement. Also works extremely well on paper, cloth, cardboard, felt, foam, rubber, most plastics, and glass.