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  Techspray 2109-G - Turbo-Coat HV Acrylic - 1 gal

Techspray 2109-G Turbo Coat HV Acrylic Coating, 1 Gallon

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Part #: TECHSPRAY-2109-G

Product Description Technical Specifications
The Techspray 2109-G is a Turbo-Coat HV Acrylic Conformal Coating. This item is a high viscosity version of Techspray's popular Turbo-Coat. This coating is tested and approved in Asymtek and PVA selective spray systems, both atomized and airless models. It comes in a 1 gal metal can.
  • Turbo-Coat is designed to speed up board production throughput without additional investment of expensive UV systems of other capital equipment.  Conformal coating cure time is often considered a production bottleneck for PCB assembly operations.  Turbo-Coat HV dries tack-free in under 10 minutes, allowing manufactures to handle boards in 1/2 the time of the leading acrylic coating!
  • Turbo-Coat Thinner is available to reduce the viscosity to fit ideal process parameters.  Turbo-Coat, Turbo-Coat HV, and Turbo-Coat Thinner are all HAPs (Hazardous Air Pullutants) free, so do not contain common coating solvents like Toluene, Xylene, and MEK.  This makes these coating more user friendly and safe.
  • Turbo-Coat HV uses the same acrylic resin as the origional Turbo-Coat, so coatings are be mixed-and-matched through the process, e.g. using the faster curing Turbo-Coat in the rework area, Turbo-Coat HV in the assembly area, and Turbo-Coat pen for QC touch-up.
Applications: Electronic Assemblies for...
Consumer Electronics
Industrial meters & Control
Thinning / Removal: Techspray coatings can be thinned to meet production requirements using Turbo-Coat Thinner (2110).  Conformal Coating Remover (2510) is also available for rework and repair, although coating is often just burnt through in the soldering process for spot repairs.  Techspray coatings contain Opti/Scan to allow quality control inspection of coverage and evenness of the coating on a PCB.  A coated board can be passed under a standard, low-cost, long-wave UV (black) light, and the coated areas glow.  The brighter the glow, the thicker the coating.
Instructions: Surface to be sprayed should be thoroughly cleaned with solvent such as Flux Remover G3 (1631).  Surface must be completely dry before application of coating.  As you spray or brush coating, allow material to flow around components.  Coating will be tack free in approximately 10 minutes; however, full cure requires 24 hours depending on humidity and the thickness of application.  Coated boards can be reworked by applying soldering iron directly to coating, or complete removal can be achieved in 1 to 3 hours by using Conformal Coating Remover (2510).  Removal time depends on temperature, thickness of coating, and application.
Chemical Components (CHEMICAL / CAS NUMBER):
Acrylic Polymer (non-hazardous) tert-Butyl acetate / 540-88-5
n-butyl acetate / 123-86-4
1-Methoxy-2-propanol / 107-98-2
1-(2-Methoxy-Methyl-Ethoxy)-2-Propanol Acetate / 88917-22-0
Cure Profile:
Accelerated Cure: 55 minutes at 131 Degrees F / 55 Degrees C
Ambient Cure: 15 hours at 74 Degrees F / 23 Degrees C (ambient temp)
Tack-Time (dry to touch): 9 minutes at 74 Degrees F / 23 Degrees C (ambient temp)
Cure time depends on a number of factors, including the method and thickness of application.  Dilution will also change the cure profile.  131 Degrees F / 55 Degrees C is recommended as the best accelerated temperature to optimize leveling, providing the smoothest possible finish.  A faster cure may be achieved, but should be thoroughly tested first.

For the same item in different packaging and sizes please see items listed below

1 gal metal can
Fastest Cure – Dry to Touch in Under 10 Minutes!
Faster Throughput without Capital Investment
Thick Coating – One-Pass Application
Fast & Easy Rework & Repair
IPC-CC-830B & MIL-I-46058C Certified
UL94 V-0
Crystal Clear & Glossy Finish
UV Indicator for Black Light QC Inspection
MEK, Toluene & Xylene Free

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