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  Techspray 1655-5G - Precision-V Vapor-Degreaser Flux Remover - 50 lb

Techspray 1655-5G Precision-V Vapor-Degreaser Flux

Price: $1,025.00

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Part #: TECHSPRAY-1655-5G

Product Description Technical Specifications

The Techspray 1655-5G is a Precision-V Vapor Degreaser Flux Remover.  This item is a 50 lb drum.

The 1655 is an Ideal replacement for AK225-based cleaners, which will be phased out by 2015 due to ozone depletion restrictions.  (See side bar at left) Azeotropic properties that allow it to maintain stable as it is cycled in a vapor-degreaser.  It is not reactive nor corrosive to metals commonly found in the construction of vapor-degreasers.  Exposure to Prevision-V solvents is less hazardous than many other solvents commonly used in vapor-degreasers: e.g. TCE, nPH, and Perc. Precision-V solvents have a lower boiling point than most other vapor-degreaser solvents.  This reduces heat-stress on components being cleaned and reduces energy consumption from the boil sump and chiller coils.  Precision-V Flux remover cleans R, RA, RMA and SA type flux residues after high temperature reflow, wave and hand-soldering.  Ideal for lead and lead-free processes.
Reclamation Process: The reclamation (i.e. boil down) process utilizes the vapor-degreaser as a still to distill solvent from the dirty boil sump and allows you to reclaim and reuse this solvent.  When it is determined that the Boil Sump needs to be cleaned out, you should do the following things to boil down the solvent: 1. If you have a 2 sump vapor-degreaser, drain the rinse sump into a clean container for reuse.  If you have a one-sump vapor-degreaser, drain the spray reservoir using the spray want.  This material should be collected in a vlean container, so it can be resued.  2.  Allow the solvent to continue to boil, and the vapors to condense, until such time as one of two things happens: a. the High Temperature Control (HTC) trips and turns off the heat to the heating elements or b. the Liquid Level COntrol trips because the level in the Boil Sump is too low.  3. Drain off the heat to the heating elements or b. the Liquid Level Control trips because the level in the Boil Sump is too low.  3. Drain the remaining solvent/soil mixture into a container that is labeled as Hazardous Waste.  This material can be used in future boil downs to reclaim more of the solvent in the mixture.  4. Use the retained solvent (from step 1) to refill the vapor-degreaser and add whatever volume of solvent is necessary to completely fill the machine.  This process can be repeated as often as necessary, depending on the amount of usage of the vapor-degreaser and the amount of soil that is introduced into the vapor-degreaser.  When you boil down, always put the solvent/soil mixture into the vapor-degreaser to reclaim additional amount of the solvent from this mixture.
Chemical & Physical Properties:
Appearance: Clear, colorless liquid
Odor: Faint ethereal odor
Flash Point: none
VOC (EPA): 41 percent
Boiling Point: 32.2 Degrees C (90 Degrees F)
Density: 1.3077 at 25 Degrees C
Chemical Composition (Chemical Name / CAS NUMBER):
1,1,1,2,2,3,4,5,5,5-decafluoropentane / 138495-42-8
1,2-transdichloroethylene / 156-60-5
1,1,1,3,3,-pentafluorobutane (HFC-365mfc) / 406-58-6
Ethanol / 64-17-5
Methanol / 67-56-1
Nitromethane / 75-52-5
Metals Compatibility (Material Name / Rating):
Brass foil / Excellent short-term, slight reaction long-term
Copper foil / Excellent short-term, slight reaction long-term
nickel 200 / Excellent short-term, slight reaction long-term
Aluminum 6061 / Excellent
Aluminum 2024 / Excellent short term, slight reaction long-term
Stainless Steel 316 / Excellent
Stainless Steel 304 / Excellent
Mild carbon steel / Slight reaction short- and long-term
Galvanized steel / Excellent

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50 lb pail
Powerful cleaner
Non-ozone depleting
Safe on electronics
Rapid evaporation
Zero residue
Safe on most plastics
EPA SNAP approved
Vapor-degreaser formula

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