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ESD Systems Testers

Janel ships factory stock for Desco ESD Systems Testers. Shop Desco ESD Systems by selecting any of the products below.

Desco 41230 - Calibration Unit Nist for Wrist Strap and Combo Testers
Manufacturer Price: $169.31
Price: $139.40
You Save: $29.91!
Desco 62090 - Tester Footwear Plate, 120V
Manufacturer Price: $549.56
Price: $556.88
Desco 41155 - SIMCO Fieldmeter Electrostatic
Manufacturer Price: $751.90
Price: $580.38
You Save: $171.52!
Desco 62106 - Tester Dual Ind Footwear 120Vac
Manufacturer Price: $705.83
Price: $715.24
Desco 41230 is a calibration unit nist for wrist strap and combo testers. Desco 62090 is a tester footwear with plate - 120V. Desco 41155 is a Fieldmeter Electrostatic. Desco 62106 is a tester dual ind footwear w/ independent footplate 120 vac.
Desco 62101 - Dual Independant Tester
Manufacturer Price: $768.59
Price: $778.83
Desco 62101 is a tester combo x3 WS & FW 120V tester footplate.