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Desco Jewel Elastic Wrist Straps - Dual Wire

Janel Online distributes factory stock of Desco ESD JEWEL Elastic Wrist Straps, Bands, and Coil Cords. These wrist straps are patented and have silver impregnated nylon knitted on the inside for superior conductivity. The bands also feature a locking clasp, so when locked, the band will not slip. Desco Jewel Adjustable, Elastic Wrist Bands are made of the highest quality, premium metal and offer a reliable path to ground.

Additionally, just as standard dual wire wrist straps, Desco's Elastic Wrist Straps provide redundancy - meaning coil becomes disabled, the operator is guaranteed to still have a reliable path-to-ground static control performance.

Protect your static control environment today with products that are longer lasting and offer superior ESD reliability - shop Desco's JEWEL Elastic Wrist Straps and Bands today.

Desco 09160 ESD Jewel Black Onyx Coil Cord 6 ft Angle Desco 09163 Anti Static Wrist Strap with 6 ft Onyx Black Coil Cord Desco 09162 12 ft Jewel Black Onyx ESD Coil Cord with Angle
Desco 19691 - Wrist Band Jewel Elastic Dual Onyx - 4mm Snap
MSRP: $10.57
Price: $7.92
You Save: $2.65!
Desco 09160 Jewel Onyx Dual Coil Cord 6 ft
MSRP: $26.61
Price: $19.91
You Save: $6.70!
Desco 09163 Onyx Dual Coil Cord Wrist Strap - 6 ft
MSRP: $37.25
Price: $27.88
You Save: $9.37!
Desco 09162 Onyx Dual Coil Cord - 20 ft
MSRP: $40.56
Price: $30.36
You Save: $10.20!
Desco 19691 is a wristband, jewel, elastic, dual, onyx, 4mm snap. Desco 09160 is a Cord, Coil, Jewel, Dual, Onyx, 6 Foot Angle, 4 mm. Desco 09163 is a Wrist Strap, Jewel, Adjustable Elastic, Dual, Onyx, 6 Ft Cord, Angle, 4 mm. Desco 09162 is a Coil Cord, Jewel, Dual Onyx, 20 Ft Angle, 4 mm.
Desco 09164 ESD Anti Static Wrist Strap with 12 ft Black Cord, Dual Snap
Desco 09164 Onyx Dual Cord Wrist Strap 12 ft Cord
MSRP: $43.43
Price: $32.52
You Save: $10.91!
Desco 09164 is a Wrist Strap, Jewel, Adjustable Elastic Dual, Onyx, 12 Ft Cord, Angle, 4 mm.