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Desco Dual-Wire Straps & Coil Cords Desco Single-Wire Straps & Coil Cords

Desco Industries ESD Wrist Straps & Coil Cords

Janel Online ships factory stock for Desco Industries ESD Wrist Straps and Coil Cords. Desco's anti static wrist straps are used to safely and effectively ground an individual while they are working with very sensitive electronic products and in cleanroom environments.

Best Anti Static Wrist Strap

Desco offers a wide variety of both single wire and dual wire coil cords made from a variety of different materials. To find the item you are looking for first select dual or single and you will be directed to a plethora of Desco Anti Static Wrist Strap options for you to choose from!

Using Anti Static Wrist Straps

The ESD wrist strap is usually worn on an individual's non dominant hand and is typically connected through a retractable cord.

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Desco 14404 ESD Polyester Disposable Wrist Strap 4 ft Desco 09742 Parking Snap Adapter Magsnap Desco 09029 ESD Elastic Band for Desco 09028 Wristband Desco 14401 35.5 in Lond Disposable Wrist Strap
Desco 14404 Disposable Wrist Strap, Polyester, 4 ft
MSRP: $1.35
Price: $1.07
You Save: $0.28!
Desco 09742 Parking Snap Adapter Magsnap 4mm
MSRP: $1.93
Price: $1.44
You Save: $0.49!
Desco 09029 Blue Elastic Replacement Strip for 09028
MSRP: $1.94
Price: $1.46
You Save: $0.48!
Desco 14401 Disposable Wrist Strap, Vinyl, 35.5 in
MSRP: $2.19
Price: $1.63
You Save: $0.56!
Desco 14404 is a wrist strap disposable. Desco 09742 is an ESD Parking Snap Magsnap Adapter. This item connects with snaps on bench grounds and older style continuous monitors. Desco 09029 is an Elastic Replacement Strip for 9028. Desco 14401 is a wrist strap, vinyl, disposable.
Desco 09140 Elastic Replacement Strap for Jewel Wrist Straps Desco 04586 Trustat ESD Heel Grounder Desco 09193 Adapter for Col Cord Magsnap Magground Desco 04560 Trustat Elastic Wristband
Desco 09140 Wrist Strap, Elastic Replacement Strip
MSRP: $3.36
Price: $2.51
You Save: $0.85!
Desco 04586 - Trustat Dual Heel Grounder Cup, Rubber, Black
MSRP: $3.15
Price: $2.72
You Save: $0.43!
Desco 09193 Magground Connector Banana Plug
MSRP: $4.07
Price: $3.04
You Save: $1.03!
Desco 04560 - Trustat Wristband, Blue Elastic 4mm Snap
MSRP: $3.51
Price: $3.04
You Save: $0.47!
Desco 09140 is a Wrist Strap, Jewel, Elastic, Replacement Strip. Desco 04586 is a two layer, Trustat heel grounder. This heel grounder is made of black rubber and feaures a hook and loop. it is meant to be used with standard shoes. Desco 09193 is an Adapter, Cord, Coiled Adapter Cord, Jewel, Magsnap-Magground. Desco 04560 is a Trustat Elastic Wristband. This wristband comes in blue, is elastic, and features a 4mm snap. The band is the only item included.
Desco 04585 Trustat ESD Heel Grounder 1 Megohm Desco 04587 ESD Trustat Black Grey Heel Grounder Desco 09035 ESD Antistatic Wristband, Elastic, Adjustable Red Desco 09031 ESD Clasp Replacement for Desco 09029 ESD Wristband
Desco 04585 - Trustat Heel Grounder, 18 in Conductive Tab
MSRP: $3.88
Price: $3.34
You Save: $0.54!
Desco 04587 - Trustat Dual Heel Grounder, Red Black and Grey
MSRP: $4.55
Price: $3.94
You Save: $0.61!
Desco 09035 ESD Wristband, Red, 4mm Snap
MSRP: $6.51
Price: $4.87
You Save: $1.64!
Desco 09031 Clasp Replacement for 09028 Wristband
MSRP: $6.59
Price: $4.94
You Save: $1.65!
Desco 04585 is a Trustat Heel Grounder with an 18" conductive tab. This heel grounder is considered a "cup" and is for use with standard shoes. Desco 04587 is an ESD Trustat Dual Layer Heel Grounder. This heel cup is designed for use with standard shoes. It comes in the color black, grey, and red. Additionally, it features a hook and loop closure system. Desco 09035 is a Wristband Only, Elastic, Adjustable, Economy 4 mm. Desco 09031 is a Clasp Replacement for 9028.
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