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  Desco 73896 - Smock Statshield Jacket - Snaps - Grey - 3x Large

Desco 73896 ESD Antistatic Garment Smock Gray

Desco Industries
Authorized ESD Specialist & Distributor
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Part #: DESCO-73896

Product Description
Desco 73896 is a Statshield Protective Smock Jacket with snaps.  It is in the color grey and is a size 3x Large (Chest: 54" - 56", and Sleeve: 37 1/2").

Outfitting a work force in ESD smocks is an important step to demonstrate a company's commitment to their ESD control program. The Desco Statshield ESD protective smock is designed to be antistatic, low tribocharging, and offers protection from electrostatic fields generated by clothing on the user's body. Using high quality material with a minimum 9% carbon nylon monofilament, the smock creates a Faraday Cage around the torso of the wearer. Static charges generated by the wearer and wearer's clothing will be shielded from ESD susceptible products. The dissipative material becomes part of the ground path to remove static charges.

The ESD smock jacket is constructed of lightweight dissipative material which incorporates texturized polyester and a minimum of 9% carbon nylon monofilament. The conductive nylon fibers are woven in a chain-link design throughout the material, proving continuous and consistent charge dissipation. All of the seams in the garment are designed to maintain electrical continuity from panel to panel and from sleeve to sleeve in accordance with the ESD Association Garment Standard, ESD STM2.1.

This smock jacket is available in the following sizes:
Desco 73891 - Small
Desco 73892 - Medium
Desco 73893 - Large
Desco 73894 - Extra Large
Desco 73895 - 2X Large
Desco 73896 - 3X Large
Desco 73897 - 4X Large
Desco 73898 - 5X Large
Desco 73899 - 6X Large

CLICK HERE - For a complete part number listing of all Desco Statshield Smocks and Labcoats.

RTG < 3.5 x 10E7 ohms meets required limit of ANSI/ESD S20.20-2007 Groundable Static Control Garment System tested per ANSI/ESD STM2.1 and ESD TR53
Creates Faraday Cage effect
Charges on worker clothing shielded, protecting ESDS devices
Hip-to-cuff grounding Allows your coil cord to snap to the hip of the smock for hands-free grounding, increasing productivity
Snaps on cuff of smock
Wristband snaps to inside cuff
Minimum 9% carbon conductive nylon fibers woven in chain-link design
Provides continuous and consistent charge dissipation
Panel to panel conductivity
Prevents isolated charged conductor in ESD protected area
Superior 2-year/100 launderings limited warranty
Made in the United States of America

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