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Since 1857, Klein Tools has been manufacturing fine quality hand tools.  With more than three 
thousand tools and accessories, Klein Tools is the top choice among professional tradesman.  
Klein manufactures tools including pliers, cable and bolt cutters, wire strippers, voice-data-video
tools and testers, fish tapes, conduit benders, drill bits, insulated tools, gloves, and many other 
quality products.  

                                                                 Complete Klein Tools Product Catalog

Klein Specializes in the making of the world's finest pliers.  They are pliers that professionals trust 
completely.  Klein pliers feel right and work right.  They are job-matched for every kind of work you 
do designed and built to exceptional quality standards in a tradition that dates back to 1857.

The Journeyman line of hand tools represents the best of Klein quality and workmanship combined
with the latest innovations in handle design.

Telecom workers prefer Klein tools for their exceptional quality, performance and long working life.
That's why Klein is the brand the industry depends on.

Professionals prefer Klein's high quality materials and construction for durable long-lasting tools.  
Klein VDV Tools provide time savings and reliability, especially in high-volume environments.

Manufactured with the needs of the professional tool user in mind, Klein strippers, cutters,and 
crimpers are designed to the jobs done with precision and quality.

Klein meets and exceeds the highest of standards to create great cable and bolt cutters.  Offering 
greater cutting power, clean and precise cuts, and long life, Klein cable and bolt cutters are a cut
above the rest.

Klein insulated tools maintain the highest level of quality and they offer added protection against
shock from energized sources with voltage up to 1000 volts.  Insulated tools from Klein offer
superior functionality while reducing the risk of injury.

Offering a variety of tip types, hex sizes, shaft lengths, and handle designs, Klein has the screwdrivers
and nut drivers professionals demand to get the job done with comfort and ease of use.

Klein's line of wrenches are forged from the finest steel and are designed to deliver great strength
and long working life.  Regardless of the job type, Klein has a wrench that will help the professional
complete the task at hand.

Klein hex-keys are the tools professionals cannot afford to be without.  Heat-treated and tempered for
superior strength and durability, Klein hex-keys are designed for a precise fit in sockets, preventing
slippage and stripping of the socket.

Quick, easy and accurate measurements can mean the difference between a job well done and one 
that misses the mark.  Klein offers a variety of levels and other measuring devices that will help you 
measure up to the task.

Pulling wire and working with conduit is very challenging without the proper tools.  Klein Tools' complete
line of conduit tools allow you to get the job done while saving time, effort and materials.

Klein Tools provides personal protective equipment and safety products to help guard against a wide
variety of occupational hazards.

Just as Klein offers a variety of tools designed for specific needs, Klein offers a variety of tool pouches,
carriers, belts, and suspenders that suit virtually every preference and need.

Tool bags from Klein come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes to match the diverse tools and
accessories professionals use every day.

Tool storage products from Klein make it easy to organize your tools and accessories.  Available in a
variety of sizes and features, Klein tool storage units are the solutions to your organizational needs.

Klein lineman buckets and accessories have been trusted and recognized for decades for their durability
and dependability and are built for strength and to handle professional wear and tear.

Klein's line of block and tackle is engineered for high-strength requirements.

Wire pulling grips from Klein combine strength and durability to lead the world in creating an extremely
high-quality line of grips.  With ease-of-use and lasting quality, Klein wire-puling grips set the mark.

Klein has combined unique design features with skillful engineering and manufacturing to create a superior
line of steel construction tools.  These tools are exceptionally rugged, have a long usage life and maintain
trouble-free service while saving users time on the job-site.

The Mumme Products range of forged hand tools are produced to the highest possible standards for use 
in the mining and heavy construction industries.  Using the highest-quality materials with safety as our
priority, we design and manufacture superior-quality products available worldwide.

Klein's line of sheet metal and HVAC tools make it easy to work with sheet metal, ductwork and tubing.
These job-matched tools are proven to stand the test of time with superior results.

Klein drill bits and hole-making products provide accuracy and consistency for professionals.  Made of top-
of-the-line materials for longer-lasting performance, Klein's diverse line of hole-making products and
accessories help get the job done right.

Saws and blades from Klein are designed with the professional user in mind, providing superior results
with less effort.

Klein provides a wide range of knives, scissors and other cutting tools for professional applications across
all trades.

Klein hammers, chisels, and punches are designed and created to strike through job-site challenges.
Engineered with the professional in mind, each tool is job-matched to fit the task at hand.

Crafted for optimum durability, reliability and functionality, Klein's innovative new line of test and measurement
equipment is engineered with the user in mind.  Designed for, and by electricians, Klein's electrical testers
provide the latest in innovative, time-saving features that professionals require.

Klein hand cleaners quickly and effectively remove the toughest grease, dirt, and grime.  Containing the
toughest cleaners available, Klein hand cleaners also help to prevent hands from becoming too dry and
chapped by including skin care agents.

Some projects are more complex than others and require a variety of tools to be used.  For this reason,
Klein has tool sets to assist professionals with these demanding projects.

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